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A beautiful day in Seattle!

I spent the entire afternoon touring Seattle with the perfect tour companion. I couldn’t have asked for a better tour partner. It was amazing how he wanted to go everywhere that I wanted to go, and wanted to stay as long as I wanted to stay. When I was thirsty, he said that he was thirsty too. When I was ready to go home, so was he. How easy it was to spend so much time together. Yes, Dad, I am referring to my beloved Lhasapoo, Tucker! I believe that I can actually hear you groaning right now, desperately wishing that you could have been here to join us!

Our first stop was Lincoln Park in West Seattle. I hadn’t been there in close to 20 years. I had forgotten how beautiful it was. We had attempted to visit a city park last weekend for a walk, but to our dismay, we noticed the signs showing that dogs were not allowed. How could this be??? As we pulled into the parking lot at Lincoln Park, the first thing we did was look for the signs. Yeah! Dogs are allowed, as long as they remain on a leash. No problem here!

Lincoln Park sits on the edge of the Puget Sound in Seattle. Tucker had never been to the Puget Sound before. It was fun to see him jog up to the water line and jump back when the tide rolled up. He was fascinated by all the people; walking, jogging, fishing, bicycling, swimming, barbequeing. We had a beautiful walk along the water, as well as through the park.

Just as we were leaving the park, a sign caught my eye. Dogs Are Not Allowed at Beaches in Seattle Parks. $500 Fine. Ooopss.

Our next stop was a park that I stumbled upon at the north end of California Ave. There was an amazing view of the Seattle skyline. I had seen this view many times on local television commercials and advertisements, and now I knew where they were shot from. There was evidence that a wedding had just taken place prior to our arrival. Empty chairs cluttered the lawn, and remnants of decorations were baking in the 90 degree sun. Tucker made quite an impression on two ladies sharing the view with us. One commented that she was a traveling nurse and wanted a dog, but had allergies. I have this same problem, so they were excited to hear that being both Lhasa Apso and Poodle, Tucker is the ideal solution for me. Passing on the information on where Tucker’s Mom and Dad reside, we wished each other a wonderful day and moved on to our next destination.

Our final destination was Alki Beach. I didn’t plan on stopping, but as I cruised along the boulevard the most unbelievable sight appeared….a parking spot on the street! Braking quickly I pulled right in. We couldn’t believe our luck! With great excitement and water bottle in hand, Tucker and I jumped out of the car onto the beachfront sidewalk. The beach was packed with sun bathers and frisbee players. As we walked along we ran into a beach volleyball tournament. I had been watching some Olympic beach volleyball coverage, so we thought we would stick around and watch for a while. It was great fun and also very eye opening. Seeing the athletes in person really showed what a hard sport it is. The Olympic athletes make it look so easy!

After watching the tournament for about an hour we decided to call it a day. A good day. Thank goodness Tucker loves to people watch as much as I do. He was a perfect gentleman, patiently waiting on the hot sidewalk for me to tire of watching the ball go back and forth!

Beautiful days like this reinforce my love for, and appreciation of, living in Seattle! On days like today, there really is no better place on earth!

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