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A Book Review: The Problem With Women…Is Men, by Charles J Orlando

I recently read a book that I had to share with you. It’s not what you think. The Problem With Women…Is Men, is a book written by Charles J. Orlando. I received this book after winning it in a giveaway on the blog The Daily Blonde. (If you haven’t visited her blog before, this is a must read blog. Very funny, and highly entertaining!)

Charles Orlando gives us a deep view inside the world of the man. He asks the question: What is wrong with men and where are all the gentlemen? He really tackles this subject head on. It was refreshing for me to see these questions being posed by…yes…a man! Charles takes the Man’s Man and strips him down. He explains in detail the core flaws: Dominance, Etiquette, Infidelity, Emotional Availability. He clearly outlines these flaws and tells us, point blank, that men get away with murder with the women in their lives. Wow. Someone in the male species is actually willing to step out and tell it like it is!

Before you make the judgement that this book is about throwing the man under the proverbial bus, you must continue reading. Charles offers new insight on how the Man’s Man can become an Evolved Man. He lays out a course of action for men on how to refine and refresh their lives to influence their relationships in a positive way. He takes his readers from the definition of the Evolved Man through the path to become the Evolved Man. He offers many humorous anecdotes along the way to demonstrate his points.

As you read through this engaging book, you will find that Charles does not hold women harmless and unaccountable. He sends the clear message to women to stop being victims. He doesn’t tell us to rear up and fight back with the force of a hurricane. What he does do, is deliver suggestions on how we can positively affect a mans evolution without losing our identity. This was a refreshing message for me. He also suggests that women can train men. He makes the point that if you are unsuccessful in positively affecting a mans evolution, then perhaps you are actually training a man for the success of their next relationship. I find this interesting to consider. Can I recondition myself to not see a woman in a bad relationship as weak and powerless, but as the hero for her unknown sister?

One of the most profound lessons I learned is the idea that we do not give 100% of ourselves to a relationship, we give 50%. I give 50% – you give 50%. This makes a 100% effort in a relationship. This leaves me with 50% of myself, for my own identity – to remain me! This was music to my ears. We’ve all heard the stories of (or experienced first hand) women who have realized, too late, that they have lost themselves in a relationship. They gave it all. They had to bend, adjust, accommodate and accept – losing their real self in the process.

The Problem With Women…Is Men is full of lessons for both men and women. It is a must read for the Evolving Man as well as the women in their lives. I plan on reading this book again, and perhaps again. There are so many new thoughts and ideas that I wasn’t able to absorb them all in one reading. This book will be on my night stand for a while.

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  1. Angel says

    I put this on hold at the library. I will let you know when I get it…sounds like a god book. 🙁 I never win anything….

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