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A favorite pair of shoes still fit

Today I experienced a rare treat.   Two friends, that I hadn’t seen in ten years were in town this weekend.  These are friends that I met back in 1982.  You do the math!   We had met when we were all young, newly married, and full of energy.   We laughed together, partied together, supported each other, picked on each other, worked out together, and traveled all over the state of Washington participating in foot races and triathlons.  What great times we had!

As things go, they moved a couple hours away, we all started families, got involved in careers that demanded our attention, and we lost touch.   Social Media has brought us back together as we are now following each other on Facebook.  The Facebook email that I received this past week was read with excitement.  “We are coming to town! Let’s get together!”     Woo Hoo!!  We quickly made arrangements to meet at a local Starbucks to catch up.

coffee with friendsWhat fun it was to reminisce,  catch up on our lives, compare notes on what it is like today to raise teenagers, and laughed at our successes and shortcomings as parents.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed them.

They really cracked me up when they reminded me of a time years ago when we were on the phone together and my daughter wanted my attention.   We both had home based businesses and I was trying to teach my daughter how to be patient when Mom was on the phone with clients.  My friend recalls my comments to my daughter when she interrupted our phone conversation.  I vaguely remember this, and imagine that it is accurate, when she recounted my words to my daughter…

“Are you on fire?  Is anything broken?  Are you dying? If not, you can wait. “

Oh heavens!  Did I really?  Yep…I’m afraid so.   I’m sure that I will find out in another ten years about how I damaged my childrens psychies when they were growing up.   Perhaps they will point to instances like this as their evidence.  My daughter reads this blog, so I will be interested to know if she remembers this as well.

I had a wonderful time hanging out today with such good friends.  Imagine my surprise when I got back in my car after the visit.  Looking down at my watch I realized that we had been chatting for FIVE hours.   Today’s visit was just like putting on a fabulous pair of shoes that you only wear for special occasions.   Good times.  Good friends.  I think I will wear this pair more often!


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  1. Connie says

    Nope… I don’t remember that. I believe it though! ; )

  2. Angel says

    I did that…I used to say: Has the world ended? Has Jesus returned? Are the police at the door? No? Then wait until I am off the phone….

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