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As you know, this past week found me celebrating the one year anniversary of Nice Shoes! and more life observations. I began the party by finally giving my blog its very own vanity url. You might have noticed that the site now resolves to Yay for me!

Next up, it was time for a new look. I believe that this calls for a new pair of shoes! But where do I get them? I’m not an artist, I’m not so good with Photoshop, my daughter is busy with her own life, my son comes home exhausted from his job doing construction. No problem. I have the perfect solution.

Enter my favorite nephew from Kansas! Justin is not only a professional bull rider, fabulous husband, father extraordinaire to Jeana, and worlds best nephew…but he is also a very talented graphic artist. All it took was a quick email to him with my unrefined thoughts, and scattered ideas….and tap…tap…tap… Magic. After trying on several fabulous pair of shoes…..Nice Shoes! and more life observations has a new look.

My mother always taught me to share, so as much as I would like to keep Justin all to myself, I will share him with you too. If you would like to contact Justin Jacobucci to spin some of his graphic magic for you…you can contact him on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Justin, you rock!

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  1. Angel says

    I want one!!! is he terribly expensive?

    I love your new look…

    Go Barb Go Barb Go Barb!

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