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A Proud Mom…Only Not

Recently some electrical outlets in my home quit working.   That is the bad news.  The good news is that I have a good friend who married an electrician.  Call to friend…friend arrives with husband…outlets restored to operating condition.

“That’s not all that interesting”, I can hear you saying.  “And, that has nothing to do with motherhood.  Where can she possibly be going with this?”  Well, here’s the thing.    My good friend is actually a young lady that I had the pleasure of watching grow up.  She was the daughter of my next door neighbors when my kids were very young.  Her parents, in fact, are my sons god parents.  jamie & lee She will tell you the story of how she helped change my sons diaper when he was a new born, and how the umbilical cord fell off.  Being very young herself,  that completely freaked her out.

We shared many, many years of fun together.  She and her sister spent so much time at my house over the summers and babysitting my kids, that I am convinced that they had as much to do with raising my kids as I did.

Fast forward eighteen years to today.  While her husband and my son (yes the same one) worked on my electrical problem, I got the opportunity to chat with her.  I am so proud of her.  I totally felt like a proud Momma as I heard about what was going on in her life, how she and her husband are working hard to build a future, how they are being financially responsible and are working hard to be prepared for children of their own.

Wow…children of their own.  The cycle of life is amazing.  I can’t wait to see her with her own children.  I had front row seats to watch as she was such a great “big sister” to my children.  She will be an incredible Mommy.

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