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Ahhh…Nice Shoes!

I was just commenting to myself yesterday that I had this fancy new header for my blogpost (with red shoes…thank you very much!), but it had been quite a while since I had actually blogged about SHOES! “Well”…I said to myself. “Where is your motivation? What do you have to say about shoes right now that could possibly matter enough to blog about?” I decided to sleep on it.

Flash forward to the next morning. Waiting for me (sorry Shannon, I didn’t see it sitting on my desk until late in the afternoon! Duh!) was a beautiful little petite book. The title? Feng Shoe. What perfect timing. What an awesome gift! This book is full of little ‘shoe gems’ that I can share with you. Now I have some great shoe material to share with you when I am otherwise uninspired! Here’s your first dose:

“and behold, on the ninth day,
and every holiday thereafter,

the merchant did create the shoe sale,

and the women of the village looked upon it,

and called it good.”

Enough said!

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