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All in!

During the last few months we have been witnessing a fascinating political campaign. Presidential campaigns are certainly nothing new, but this campaign season has been different for me. There is something that has kept me coming back to the cable news channels, listening to radio commentaries, reading online blogs, and following social media on a regular basis.

What keeps me fascinated…is the long lines. When is the last time that we have seen so many individuals engaged in the process? With the economic climate in the state that it is in, more and more people are recognizing how much of an impact they have in being a part of the process. It is no longer just political…it is personal. In the long lines at the polls you will find a wonderful diversity of Americans. How exciting to see so many young adults participating, so many women, so many first time voters, so many, so many…You name it, we are standing in line to share our voice. We are all in.

No matter what the outcome of the election next Tuesday, we will be successful. When everyone focuses on a problem, and everyone engages in working toward a solution, you will see success. This plays itself out in all aspects of life. When you have a challenge as a family, if all of your family members focus on supporting the solution, you overcome. When you face a personal obstacle, and you bring people around you for positive support, you overcome. When you have a seemingly impossible goal at work, if each individual says “here’s how I can help”, everyone becomes the winner. When you think that you can’t give one more second towards the effort, but you give it anyway, you succeed!

I am All In. I am standing in line. Are you?

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