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Am I too old to feel this young?

Life is good! In a few shorts weeks I will celebrate the last birthday for this decade. Yes, boys and girls…I will soon be approaching 50 years of age.

I don’t feel it. I don’t think about it. I certainly hope I don’t act it (at least not too much). I have to admit that I do appreciate my ‘down’ time a little more then I used to, but it’s all good. As long as I have a great pair of shoes in my closet, I know I’m doing okay!

Then…something happens on the way to the blog post. Yes, that is correct. You heard me right! I was settling in to write my next blog post. It has been such a busy couple of months, and I know that I have been neglecting my readers terribly (Hi Angel! I’m back!). I have the topic all picked out. The title is already written. “All the signs were there”. I’m afraid that you will have to wait for another day to hear these profound thoughts. Before I had the chance to create this magnificent composition, my email beeps at me. So typically, I must check it before I begin writing, in case there is something really critical that needs my attention. It was critical, alright! Here is the title of the email.

Receive a Complimentary Travel Kit for Joining AARP!

Wha..??!?? AARP?? They want me to join? Really? Now I am intrigued enough to actually open the email.

Yep, it is true. I will receive a complimentary travel kit if I choose to join AARP. How cool is that? I’ve never had my very own travel kit! I have the obligatory plastic container with the random assortment of bandaids, ace bandages and first aid creme. Of course, this is left over from when the kids were little, so if I need a bandaid anytime soon, I will be sporting The Little Mermaid. Arielle certainly hasn’t aged a bit. I never did like that little goody two shoes! Just kidding, Connie! 🙂

But wait! There’s more! The email goes on to tell me that I can JOIN AARP and also receive a FREE Commemorative Playing Card Set! And that isn’t all….This commemorative deck of cards comes with a custom stainless-steel case! Now you’re talkin! Where do I sign?

Wait a minute. Snap out of it! I’m still in my 40’s. O.K…not for long…but I’M STILL IN MY 40’s!! How did I get on this list? What are they trying to tell me? Is it time for my afternoon nap? I know that we often ponder that our kids are growing up faster then we had to…but is it also necessary for me to grow faster then I have to?

I think my head exploded again!

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  1. Angel says

    Yea!!! you’re back just as I am burning out, go figure.

    I remember my first letter for AARP, and i am sitting going why did they address this tome, I am not old yet….am I?? it is depressing, it is almost like drop it people you are OLD…then they send you a thing for playing cards like on your 50th BD you will stop living, pull up a chair with a big floppy hat and start playing bridge with 3 other blue haired ladies!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    then they keep sending you notes like whats wrong with you, you are old…again, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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