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And my hairdresser is…

It was pointed out to me (quite correctly) that I can not rave about my hairdresser unless I name names. Hmmm. Good point.

It’s truly not that I am trying to keep her as my own little secret…which if truth be told…that’s not a bad idea. I’d hate to have her become so busy that I can’t get an appointment myself for months. I left her name out simply because I am typically cautious about using other peoples names on my blog without their knowledge or permission. You know…change the names to protect the innocent…or for security clearance reasons…or shyness…whatever.
However, this is clearly a different case. So let me introduce you to my hairdresser, Brianne. She works at the Habitude Salon in Fremont district of Seattle, WA. This is a salon that really caters to the hip home town crowd. Their staff is friendly, warm, caring, fun and provides a really relaxing experience. I have never been in the salon when I don’t end up chatting with someone in the next chair.
The last time I visited Brianne, I was able to enjoy the experience with another customer who was cutting over a foot of hair off. Not only did they donate their hair to Locks of Love, but this customer walked out of the salon with a trendy, sassy and bouncy new do. She was so happy with her new look.
Oh…and don’t let me forget to mention the scalp massage that always accompanies the appointment. Ahhh…relax…close your eyes…and let Brianne spin her magic. Give her a call. She would love to spin some magic for you too.

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  1. The Daily Blonde says

    Can I fly out later today? The scalp massage….my favorite!!!

  2. Michelle says

    Appointment made. The next time you see me I’ll have gorgeous locks care of Brianne.

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