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Are you to blame?

It takes a lot to get me fired up, but I recently heard a radio talk show that got my blood boiling.    I typically keep my radio on during the night.  I’ve always been one to like ‘white noise’.   My mood, or the time of year, determines what station I keep my radio tuned to.  Sometimes it is soft jazz, sometimes it is talk radio, sometimes some good old fashioned rock n roll.

This particular evening, I had my dial tuned to a talk radio station.  I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a radio talk show host who girl talkhas been on the radio for years.  I don’t know her specific credentials, psychologist, therapist, author….but she dispenses advice on family and relationships.    Usually I enjoy listening.  Her words tend to be thought provoking and insightful.  But not this night.

A distressed woman called in to tell her story and to seek advice.  She had been married for five years, and was currently separated.  The good news is…no kids.  Almost immediately in the conversation the radio host asked “Why are you separated?”.  The caller replies “He had an affair.”   To my surprise the radio host asks the caller, “What did you do to cause your husband to have an affair?”   WHAT?  I can assure you, that by this time I am fully awake.

I couldn’t believe my ears.  “What did she do to cause her husband to have an affair?”   I could immediately hear the additional distress in the woman’s voice.  She was speechless, and started stuttering.  I felt so horrible.    Was this serious?   I don’t know what the screener had asked the caller, what previous knowledge the host had that we hadn’t heard yet…but this really struck a chord with me.  I cannot believe that one woman could lay this guilt on another.  With this kind of logic, a woman who is beaten by her husband certainly must have done something to cause the beating, right?   Have we not come further then this?  Give me a break!

Rest assured, the radio dial was changed the next night.

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  1. Michelle says

    Why of course she is to blame… she has total control over him and she forced him to do it. Yeah right!! WTF?!

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