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"Are you two always this competitive?"

“Are you two always this competitive?” These words were spoken to my sister and I this past weekend as we were hanging out with some of her friends. We were doing our usual teasing and joking with each other. “I’m the better sister”. “ am the better sister!”

My sister and I are not only close in age, only 18 months apart, but also share a very close relationship. Growing up on the farm, and as the only two girls in a family of five children, we have always been each others rock. We went everywhere together, shared clothes, shared a bedroom, shared a car, shared friends. Don’t get me wrong…we always thought these were good things. We both laugh when we recall that when we were growing up we have only had one really harsh, knock down, drag out, hair pulling, screaming and crying fight. We both vividly remember how we felt when we realized how stupid the fight was. We burst into fresh tears as we hugged and apologized, promising never to act that way towards each other again. And we never did.

I know that sounds really Polly Anna, but that is the way it was between us. (We reserved the common sibling arguing and fighting for our three brothers. Us against them. Sorry, Mom, but we were typical children after all!)

So, what is all the competition about, you ask? What’s up with the better sister thing? Well, we are a family that loves to tease and joke with each other. Years ago one of us was joking with the other (I’m sure we were doing something where we were thinking, acting or talking exactly the same!), and one of us came up with “yeah, but I’m the better sister”, knowing full well that if you are exactly alike, then there is no such thing! Somehow, this joke stuck.

We have had a lot of fun with it throughout the years. There are, however, certain times when one of us offers up the title to the other for a special event, but there is usually a time expiration involved! Mary did get title to the crown over her birthday, so she will soon have to abdicate!

We have never seen this teasing as competitive, just good natured fun. It gave me great pause when a friend saw this as competition between sisters. Hmm. Really? I have always looked to my sister for guidance, support, encouragement, and as someone who has walked the path ahead of me. She has always had my back, as I have always had hers.

Compete with my sister? Never. Besides, I’m sure that I could never “win”. I have always known that she is the better sister! Just don’t tell her I said so…I’ll never hear the end of it!

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  1. Marilyn says

    I know I’m only the adopted sister, but I think “I’m the better sister” and it’s way past my turn to have the title!

  2. Barb Jacobucci says

    You know, Mary, I think she has a really good point. Looks like we need to make room in the castle!

  3. the Better Sister says

    Okay, you two!! I’m the older sister, the middle child, and, of course, this makes me the better sister.

    Oh, wait a minute, it’s because of Marilyn that I’m starting my journey to become a hot babe by the time I’m 50 years old — yikes, that’s coming up sooon!!! You know, Barb, I think Marilyn does deserve the title for a day or two. What say we “hand” it to her for, say, the week. What do you think?

    Competitive? Not us!!!
    Love, ya.

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