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Barb vs The Honey Bear

It’s interesting what experiences you have while working from home.  I am not just working from home, I am working from home because I am under the weather.  More specifically…nasty cold and NO VOICE!    I can hear you all shouting (thank you for doing so, by the way, since I have no voice to do it for myself)…

“Oh No!  Barb, can’t talk?  What a tragedy!”

Yes, this has indeed been a tragedy.  Let me take you through how this all played out for me.   I’m sitting at my computer, trying to put together a report that is due for work.  I actually got an early start to my day.  I had gotten up at the normal time, but realizing that it was unwise to be in the company of others, I settled onto my sofa with my laptop and began my day.  Here is…the rest of the story:

  • put on water to boil for tea
  • hot water sat for two hours pending merger with tea bag and honey
  • couldn’t get honey to flow fast enough out of cute little bear
  • plan of action established —- microwave the sucker
  • witnessed flaming geyser of honey after microwave experiment
  • shift in style to communicate unhappiness since voice not accessible (thank goodness Italians use their hands to communicate too)
  • puppy witnessed honey clean up
  • continue to lick honey off fingers for next two hours (having been adhered to cup)
  • at end of day, required to clean more honey ‘discovered’ on the counter

Now, enter day two of the work from home strategy.  honey bear I am going to take on the Honey Bear…and I will conquer.  This is now personal!

I snuck up on the imposter dressed up as a cute little bear, and grabbing him swiftly, I forced him into the microwave and hit the start button before he could utter a protest.  Nuked him into submission.   He was mine!

MMMMM……hot tea with honey.

Of course, this cute little bear now has a headache that is incurable.  I’m not sympathetic!


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  1. Veronica Sopher says

    Awww, look at that poor little bear. I hope you feel better after putting him through so much! 😀

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