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Big News! Love is on SALE!

couple kissingThe holiday buying season kicked into full gear on Black Friday.   Discounts!   Savings!  Cyber Monday!  Buy one get the second at 50% off!  Open at 4 a.m.!   The buying frenzy has begun.

It appears that the savings even applies to Love!  You all know that I have tried my hand at online dating.  Unsuccessfully, I might add.  I found it artificial, annoying, not always honest, off the mark…..  When I realized that I was uninterested and bored, I knew it was time to hit the  “Cancel” button.

The cancellation happened months ago, however, I keep getting the marketing emails.  The online dating sites really want my business.  No, really!   I must be some hot property for them to be so insistent that I rejoin.  I keep getting the marketing emails, the “he winked at you” emails, the “you’ve been chosen” emails, the “you must rejoin to see who is looking at you” emails.   Sorry, not buying it.

Todays email really cracked me up!   The subject line:

Love Is On Sale!  Save 25% off!

Wow!  I can’t believe this!   I can find the love of my life for 25% off!   How can I possibly turn this down?  Where do I sign??   Wait…hold on….I need to rethink this.  I can see it now…

Honey, I really don’t expect as much from you because I didn’t pay full price!

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