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Bless me Father for I have sinned….

……I mixed my sp

……ooops… Just as I was confessing, my puppy jumped up on my lap and decided to say hi! His artwork looks like an anteater! Such an artistic little fella I have here!

AAAAnyway….as I was saying… I mixed my sports metaphors. Here’s the scene. I was having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with a good friend. We paid the bill and got up to leave. As we were crossing the restaurant (o.k. it was the restaurant bar!) we passed the television that was suspended from the ceiling.

The television was broadcasting the sportscasters version of this evenings Seattle Mariners game. I saw the score: Seattle Mariners 5 Minnesota Twins 6.

“Hmm.” I said, “It is still early, I wonder if it is half time?”
WHAT???!??!!? Half time? There is no half time in baseball! Though I am not a baseball nerd that knows all my stats, I know my baseball. I understand that there are innings, I understand runs batted in, I understand a double play, I understand a foul ball, I even understand what a balk is (o.k. o.k. I had to look up how to spell THAT! But, give me a break, I know what it is!)
As I uttered these words, my eyes darted around quickly to see if anyone actually heard me say that outloud. Before I even finished pronouncing the final ‘e’ in time, I realized what I had just said. What a dope! I’m sure my puppy jumping in my lap a few moments ago was actually his attempt to stop me from admitting this moment of sin. Sorry, dude, it’s too late to save me from myself!

I think I heard a passing waiter snicker in disgust as he flew past me!

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  1. Connie Jo says

    I can’t believe you would be so brave as to admit that on the internet! You must have a lot of confidence in yourself 😉

  2. The Daily Blonde says

    You rock Barb!!! I think you should have screamed it a bit louder.

    I am a huge baseball fan, but as far as other sports…not a clue. So, I’d be right there supporting you even if I did know there’s just a 7th inning stretch.

  3. Angel says

    That took a lot to admit and snicker I promise snic No I am not going to laugh
    I am proud of you for admiting your little error though what is the phone number of the mariners? Perhaps we should write them and tell them to start a class….

  4. Angel says

    I am a major basrball fan so, don’t let it happen again…

  5. Barb Jacobucci says

    I promise to never do that again. I SOOOOO know better. I have done my 3 Hail Mary’s and 5 Our Fathers, and have been forgiven. Batter up!

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