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Can I brag for a moment please?

My daughter is now a blogger! She is taking a class this term on Digital Marketing. One of her assignments is to create and post on a blog for the month. She chose the topic The Business of Social Media. She will be analyzing how businesses use (or neglect to use) social media in reaching out to their target consumers. I’m excited to follow her discoveries.

She has also taken on a personal blog. How cool is that? She has kept a journal since she was in grade school. How many of us have started journals, or diaries, when we were little girls? I know I started many, but never kept up with it. Three entries, four entries…then…nothing. I have always admired the fact that my daughter has stuck with it, consistently, for years. Her journals will bring her much joy, laughter and tears when she chooses to revisit her words years from now.

Her blog is titled Tripping Into It. She was brainstorming to find the perfect title, and I believe that she nailed it. She has always been a very ‘trippy’ person. All through her young life, she has been known for tripping, stumbling, falling…you name it. This is the part where I must admit that she inherited her grace from her Mom. Sorry, Kid. She told me, “Mom, this title will allow me to write about anything I want. I will simply trip into my topics as I go along!” Sweet poetry!

I can’t wait to watch her take this journey. I have no doubt that her writing will continue to bring her peace, joy, clarity and personal growth.

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  1. pricegirl#seven says

    Congratulations to your daughter!
    Of course you can brag…I don’t mind. It is such a joy to watch our daughters grow into womanhood.

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