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Can I buy some time?

How does this happen? You are under the impression that the day starts off just right! The alarm goes off at 4:30…yes, this is A.M.! You spend the next three snooze cycles catching 10 second snippets of sleep and numerous moments of contemplation about the tasks ahead.

With your mental list of to-dos firmly detailed in your head, you bounce out of bed and jump on the treadmill. Wow! That was great! Ready to start the day and conquer it all! No problem.

You arrive at the office while it is still quiet. This is great. You have plenty of time to get some work done before people start arriving! This is such a brilliant strategy! How can it possibly go wrong?

Wellllll…..flash forward to what seems like three or four short hours. The clock now ways 5:30 p.m. WHAT!? How is that even possible? You have at least three more hours worth of work that needs attention. This creates quite the dilemma. Do you stay and finish, blow off the rest of the work (yes, it will still be there tomorrow, but so will tomorrow’s workload…*heavy sigh*), or take your computer home…again?

I believe the solution is in buying some time. I would like to buy three extra hours to add to today, but can you please make that three hours that noone knows about? This doesn’t sound like too much to ask. I am sure that my kids wouldn’t mind not knowing about this time. I know that my co-workers would be thrilled to leave me alone with my time. My mother wouldn’t be concerned if I didn’t call her during this time. My brother would certainly waive his rights to his check-in phone conversation for a few hours. Great…the decision has been made. I am ready to invest.

Now, let’s talk about the rate. I am willing to provide my time and trouble into the development of this concept, assuming of course that I am awarded the patent. Wow! Just think! This will be bigger then Twitter! The demand of this product will be incredible! I guess that can only lead me to being rich and famous..and I can then run away to a tropical island and spend all my time on a warm beach! Then I will have all the time in the world! Right?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Darn alarm clock! What a great dream. Time to get up and get at it!

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