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Some things change…

Some things stay the same…

Posted in change, children grown, snowman.

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  1. the Better Sister says

    Barb, your family is awesome! How fun that looks! You are very blessed to have the kids that you have.

    I remember a comment you made to me once a few years ago when I was struggling with raising my oldest daughter, and trying to deal with the challenges she was sending our way. (She’s now 23 and still makes life very “interesting” for us). You told me that God had given me the strength and love to take on the challenges with Kim, and that He knew you wouldn’t have been able to.

    Well, I’ve thought about that from time to time over the past few years, and it’s given me pause. I’ve come to the realization that that makes me . . . . . .


    Love to you and the kids. Give them kisses and loves from their favorite Aunt Mary.

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