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Did personality show up to your wedding?

This video is making the rounds on the social networks. After seeing the link a few times, I finally took a look, and am glad that I did. This is awesome!

What a great way to bring personality to your wedding!! I love weddings where you really get to understand and feel the fun loving nature of the couple.

I’ve always known that my next wedding (nothing yet in the works, you guys…calm down!) would be very different from my first. My first wedding was a very, very traditional affair. It started with the traditional celebration of Mass, the formal receiving line and then a reception complete with a great spaghetti dinner. That’s just what you did back then. WAY back then!

For my next wedding (yes, I am admitting that there will be a next) I look forward to having my quirky personality and sense of humor present, and of course that of my make believe husbands. And I definitely won’t be leaving early cuz a husband just wasn’t into all that stuff. This video makes me giggle and look forward to when it is my turn!

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  1. Angel says

    How did you get that on there! I used a link because I couldn't figure it out…

    Happy anniversary…I love this video..

  2. the Better Sister says

    That is the greatest entrance for a wedding party I've ever seen! Good job, baby sis!

  3. Libby says

    This is a fun video! It was great to meet you tonight! I look forward to reading more from your blog.

  4. Jay Ferris says

    This puts my Army of Darkness themed wedding to shame.

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