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Didn’t your mother teach you to always have a back up plan? Or how NOT to impress a girl!

Please join me for another chapter in the book of Barb’s Dating Adventures… Are we having fun yet?

So…you meet a guy over cocktails….Nice conversation, pleasant banter, nice to meet you. After I arrive home, the text message beeps in. “Had a great time meeting u tonight. i would love 2 get together with you again soon.” Score one for the male species.
Later in the week, as I am plugging along at work, another text comes through. “How does saturday night or sunday look 4u this coming weekend?” After exchanging text messages and phone conversations, the plan is put in place. The final message was encouraging. “How about we meet sat night for dinner at black angus at 7, my treat?”
Not only did I enjoy the fact that he planned the evening (after being single for 10 years, I am so pleased not to be the one making the decision!), but I loved the fact that I also knew that he would be treating me to dinner. My thought was “Great, now I won’t have to worry about that awkward moment when the bill arrives at the end of dinner. This is nice!”

Not so fast…. The bill comes, the debit card is placed in the capable hands of the server. All is good…right? Welllllll….. The server comes back and even though she knew the card belonged to the gentlemen at the table, she kept looking at me. “Your card has been declined”, she says sheepishly, glancing quickly at my date, and then back to me. What was that all about? Did she know that I was about to get taken advantage of? I’m sure she has seen it all.

My date looks at her…”Really? There was $100 on it earlier today!” The server goes on to explain that she tried a couple different machines to run the charge, and also tried to enter it manually. Unfortunately, the gentlemen doesn’t have a credit card…doesn’t have cash. Really? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Guess who paid for dinner?

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  1. Angel says

    Can we say, Credit Check???????
    Sorry sir, we need to test your debit card before our date……Only cash dates allowed…

    Good heavens Barb, don’t men have money anymore?????

  2. The Daily Blonde says

    I’m so glad I gave up dating in exchange for reading your blog. I would have done this:

    “Great. Now we’re in a pickle, aren’t we? I didn’t bring my wallet because YOU said it was your treat. Guess you’re washing dishes!”

    What a LOSER.

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