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Do you lurk?

Lurker: From Wikipedia. In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing or other interactive system, but rarely or never participates actively.

Do you lurk?  I think you do!  This post is a shout out to all my lurking friends.  You know who you are!  But…lurking is not a bad thing.   It is actually acceptable.

This past week, I have had at least four conversations with different family members and friends who have commented on one of my recent blog posts.   It always takes me a moment to realize, “Hey, there is actually someone out there!”   My analytic reports do tell me that I have many readers, but only a handful of you actually leave a comment to show that you have been visiting.

So, a big thank you for your visit, and welcome back to those of you who are repeat lurkers.  I do love the comments too, though, so take a moment just to say hello and let me know that you are out there!

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  1. Veronica Sopher says

    Ok, ok. I’ll de-lurk. 🙂

  2. Angel says

    Hey! I’m out here! but I know what you mean, I feel the same way!

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