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Dreams as a child.

The dream, the vision, the place, the time. I remember as a young girl having the dream of attending college. I didn’t have a vision of what the course of study would be, or what the classroom experience would be like, or a hope of what the social experience would be. What I did have…was a vision of what the campus would look like.

I remember clearly dreaming of the walk along tree-lined sidewalks, with the fall leaves showing off their brilliant colors as they swirled in their dance to the ground. I remember the thoughts of the crisp fall weather, where a thick sweater would be required. I remember the vision of walking briskly past the old brick buildings as I headed to my next class, books held tightly under my arm. I remember thinking that there would be a smile reflecting my content mood. Ahhh…the dream!

Something happened between those dreams and reality. I did have a brief college experience, but it didn’t play out as I had dreamed. My campus looked nothing like how I had dreamed it. The actual campus could not have been more different then my dreams.

This past weekend, my son and I took a road trip to visit my daughter at her college campus. She is in her junior year, so this wasn’t the first time that I had been to see her. This year, however, the thoughts were different then during past visits. As we were walking around campus this year, my childhood thoughts broke through my subconscious as we walked along beautiful tree-lined sidewalks. The colors of the trees were radiant in their fall spectacular! The leaves floated gracefully through the air on their way to the ground. The weather was a sunny, crisp delight that brought out our sweaters. The dorm my daughter lives in is a beautiful brick structure built in 1914.

This was the campus of my youth! I was there! This was my dream. But it really wasn’t my dream, after all, was it? I felt no pull of envy, jealousy or regret. I was overwhelmed with excitement and a sense of peace that my daughter is living my vision. Could it be that sometimes we are given these visions and dreams, not for ourselves, but for our children? I take comfort in this thought. If this is my truth, then it brings me peace in knowing that my daughter is right where she was always meant to be, doing what she was meant to be doing.

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