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Family Day!

Four phone calls…two siblings…two left.

Just as I turned off my hair dryer this morning, my cell phone rings. It’s my sister! She lives in my home state of Colorado. She just wanted to share some happy news with me. I love these kind of phone calls. What a great way to start the day.

Next up…just as I had settled into my chair at the office, the cell phone rings again. It’s my younger brother. He lives in California. He was driving to a meeting and he had a two hour drive. We typically talk at the end of the day (commuter entertainment!) but today he was hoping to catch me as I commuted to work. Since my work day had already started at full speed we shared a quick greeting and then wished each other a good day.

Then…the end of my workday came and I was soon on my way home from work. I called my brother back and we chatted about our day, and contemplated the professional universe. We amaze ourselves at just how smart we are, and how we could solve the problems of the world…if only we were asked. Not.

Then…home again, and another chat with my sister to finish the happy conversation and to complete our profound thoughts from the morning. Plotting and planning is so much fun! Stay tuned for more as the plot unfolds!

This leaves two brothers that I didn’t talk to. The truck driver is probably on the road making sure that supplies arrive safely where they belong. The Sheriffs Officer is protecting us from harm. I think I will leave these two conversations for another day.

The benefits of having a big family? There is always someone around to talk to! Nice!

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  1. Angel says

    Enjoy your family, time moves so fast! for my brothers and sisters we did not grow up together, we met when I was 18 then all of us got close and Bam now they are all gone except for my sister. I had always wished for a life like yours, phone calls chatting, plotting with family. and for a minute we did, calling, visited, we even did confrence calls so we could all talk together. God calls people home at will but it semed out time as a family went way to fast. my sister and I are so far apart though we speak on the phone frequently we jus can’t get togther to often.
    Family is wonderful. Yours sounds like a lot of fun..Enjoy! Your post brought up a lot of memories!

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