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Family time in NYC

ManhattanLast weekend found me in NYC with my sister, my brother and his family, and my folks.   We were all there to celebrate my nephews wedding.

This was a last minute trip.   I made the decision to join the family only two weeks prior.   I think this unexpected adventure made the time even more enjoyable.   My folks were flying in from Arizona, where they enjoy their winter months.  My sister was going to be flying in from the Denver area.   I was able to schedule my layover through Denver, and I caught up with both my folks on their layover, and my sister.  She joined me on my flight to New York City.

The trip started off perfectly, with my sister and I enjoying a leisurely lunch at DIA.  Our server was also planning a trip the next weekend to visit HER sister.  We chatted and laughed and swapped sister tales, as we enjoyed our lunch.  We realized that we hadn’t traveled together, with just us, since I was 13 years old.  Let me assure you without providing mathematical evidence, that this was a lonnng time ago!

We managed to pack an incredible amount of activity into two days in the city.  There was lots of walking around Manhattan, lots of taxi rides, lots of shopping, lots of tourist time, lots of laughter, lots of eating, lots of great family time.  I feel like there are so many stories to tell, so let me sum it up into bullet points:

  • Weather was overcast and raining (coulda got that a home!)
  • Spent too much time in Macy’s (one whole floor of SHOES!….hyperventilation avoided by purchasing a fabulous pair)
  • St Patricks Cathedral is even more beautiful then it appears in photos
  • No visibility, so didn’t go to Observation Deck of 30 Rock
  • Watched ice skaters at Rockefeller Center
  • Local police officer tagged us as tourists cuz we were smiling
  • Having fun bantering with hotel clerk WILL get you extra chocolate chip cookies
  • Wedding ceremony was in beautiful church built in the 1860’s
  • Reception was rockin’ great time…music…dancing…family…guests dressed to nines
  • My brother is a good dancer…(who knew?)
  • My folks are still so much fun to hang out with…(they don’t act their age…that’s a good thing!)

This is a trip that I will always treasure for the wonderful memories it gave me, and the wonderful time that I was able to spend with some of my family.   It made me realize that when I am visiting ‘home’, everyone has their own life that they are attending to.    Since none of us were home, we all had the same agenda of enjoying the city, enjoying the family, celebrating a wonderful marriage and welcoming a new member to our family.  I only wish more of my family could have been there to enjoy it.

Enjoy some photos from our trip.

Barb & Mary, Rockefeller Center, Nov 09My sister and I.  Ain’t she cute?

Barb, Mom & Dad in Manhattan  Nov 09With my Folks in Manhattan.

Mom & Dad, Manhattan Nov 09This past week my folks celebrated 54 years of married love.  They still got it goin’ on.

Rockefeller Center skating rinkSkaters at Rockefeller Center.

NYC is definitely a magical city.   I can’t wait to go back and spend some more time there!  I need to see more of Manhattan, the financial district, the Statue of Liberty, see some Broadway Plays…..

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  1. The Better Sister says

    Great blog, Barb! And I notice in the picture of the two of us, you are wearing that waay cool scarf, too! That was a trip to remember, wasn’t it? I had such a blast with you!

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