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Good Friends Will Always Be Good Friends!

On the journey through life you will find people that you know will always be your friends. I am lucky to have found not one person, but a very special group of people, that I will be privileged to always call my friends.

This group of friends are former co-workers who have always had my back, always made me laugh until my sides hurt, always shared their knowledge with me, always gave-even before I needed to ask, always loved me for exactly (and perhaps in spite of) who I am.

This week, many of the members of this group were in town for a company function. Even though I am no longer an “official” member of the team, I was invited to join them for their after-hour gatherings. How honored I was to be able to join them! I love you, Joy, for granting me a Lifetime Membership to the most amazing team that I have ever been associated with.

Below is the photo diary from a wonderful dinner party hosted by Rod and Kelly. What an amazing evening, and fantastic dinner. The photos will give you a snapshot of some of my favorite people! (Sorry guys, I went from the antique camera that I used in California, to using my Palm Treo as a camera! I’m still trying to decide if this is an improvement! You get to vote!)

Rod, Mark and Josh, “Yes, Barb, we are still too cool for words!”

‘Rock Daddy’ Howard, “Sorry boys, my sons rock band, The Myriad,
is waaayyyyy cooler then you guys are!”

Jeremy, “You have a point Howard. The Myriad is pretty cool.”
Kayce, “How can you say that, Howard. Rod, Mark and Josh have an excellent Quality Score!”

Kayce enjoys more story-telling by our favorite leader, Joy, “I was all over it, like a big hairy dog!”

“While you guys were eating dinner, I was reading the procedure manual, and it clearly states that you must be standing with the proper posture to nail this song on Guitar Hero!” Pete is The Man!

“Thanks for the tip, man. This is pretty good for my first audition, don’t you think? I gotta rush back to the office now and put together a spreadsheet to track the progress of our upcoming concert tour!” Josh

“I can’t believe you guys. Just how hard do you think this is?
It’s so easy, I don’t even have to stand up!” Mark

Pete, “Watch out dude, I was the high school Foosball Champion”.
Jeremy, “Pete, I’m not sure you know who you are messing with. The summers get so hot in Phoenix, I chose Foosball as my indoor sport.”

Pete was first in line for the great seafood feast. Of course, I was second!
Thanks, Kelly and Rod, for your wonderful hospitality and excellent meal!

I love all of you guys! I miss those of you who weren’t in Seattle for this trip, but know that I will see you all again soon. Don’t be surprised if I crash a future conference! You are all always “front and center” in my heart!

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