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Have I Made It?

That day is almost here. My youngest child is graduating from high school. Am I more anxious, or is my son? I keep asking him, “How many more days left? Two weeks? One week.” I don’t get the response that I expected.

“Oh, yeah, I guess”, is the typical response. Why am I more excited about this then he is? For years I knew that he couldn’t wait for this time to arrive. Getting out of school has been a goal for him. He is ready to start “real life”.

I know, however, that deep down he is excited. He recently informed me that I could expect him to be moving out in a couple of months. What? Gulp! “Come on, Barb. Excited…remember? You were just telling your friend last weekend that you are very excited for him to be starting this new chapter in his life. This is a good thing! He made it. He gets to start his real life…and you get to start a life that is not focused around kids. You made it too!”

Now it is my turn to mumble…”Oh yeah, I guess”.

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  1. ~Mrs Sandy~ says

    I remember when my first two graduated and then moved out…it was sad…sooooo sad:( I know I should have been shouting with joy and pride that they (we) made it, but honestly I didn’t feel that way. I didn’t want them to go, but go they did,to start their own lives. It took time to adjust, but I made it!!!!! They just grow up to fast.

  2. Angel says

    I remember when my kids graduated from college, is a new life for them…but empty nesting for us.

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