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Hello. My name is Barbie J.

I’m experiencing withdrawals. I’m on a long flight from Seattle to Boston. I felt well prepared. Sony eBook, charged and the appropriate literary titles loaded…check. Netbook, full charged and easily accessible in my purse…check. Eyeglasses handy to allow me to actually see the screens of these electronic marvels…check.

Then reality sets in. After 1 1/2 hours of reading from my eBook, I realize that I really need to shift my focus. This need arose from the fact that I can’t shift my body position. Airplane seats are restrictive by nature, and just this morning Alaska Airlines took out all the pillows and blankets due to the Swine Flu epidemic. On top of that, I was put into a middle seat instead of the always desirable aisle seat. No pillow to lean against could mean that a quick nap could find my head greeting my neighbors shoulder. I’m not sure that would be acceptable. (Though he is very handsome!)

Now, here is the problem. I am having internet withdrawals. When I am bored, I reach for my friendly electronic device of choice and log on! I have Facebook messages to reply to, I have Twitter streams to read, I need to send an email to a friend, I want to check in to see if someone responded to a Twitter. Don’t you see? I have RIS to do (really important stuff)! Oh yeah, and I want to see if a colleague responded to an important project request. There’s that work thing too!

So, here I am on my faithful little Netbook, typing my next blog post. There was a brief moment of excitement when my Netbook told me that I had a wireless connection available. But…not so fast…didn’t work. Some airlines are offering wireless on flight, but I guess that this isn’t my lucky day.

I will take a brief walk, so to speak, stretch my legs, and then back to my eBook.

When I land and get a wireless connection, I will post this blog for ya!

Hi again. Just got to my hotel room and checked my Twitter feed. I have a message from @alaskaair:

“@BarbJacobucci We only have 1 acft equipped w/ Wi-Fi – currently in the trial phase. It’s flying up & down the west coast today.”

Thanks for the info @alaskaair. Maybe for my next trip it will be available!

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  1. Angel says

    I want to hear more about the handsome man. Did you talk? Did you share wine? more importantly did he have a ring? You could have gotten his number and communicaed, rarely do we see htm first.
    glad you had a safe trip, Barb! Welcome back. R U still my friend? 🙂

  2. The Daily Blonde says

    Barb!!! You’re in Boston…I have such a nutty weekend and it’s going to be hard for me to get up there to see you. Darn it!!! You know, I think I need to come out and visit Seattle again.
    I have the kiddos this weekend or otherwise it would have been a snap.

    And when is your date with the handsome man??? lol


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