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How do you hide?

How do you hide? It is a fresh new year ahead of us. It is time for me to finalize my plan and put it into action. Time is running short! I know that I will soon be getting that phone call that says, “Hi Barb. It is time for our quarterly review to see how your plan is coming along!” Goodness gracious. I guess you can say…this is where the rubber meets the road…or whatever cliché you prefer. All I know is that it will be time for me to face the music, the fat lady is warming up her vocal chords…..

If you have been paying attention, you already recognize how this author hides. As long as I am absorbed in my own little world, it isn’t necessary to look out into the real world. During the last ten years as a single parent, I have become a true pro at this hiding business. As long as there were kids at home to care for, a household to maintain, work that needed attended to, friends that needed support…it has been easy to hide. But, alas, the jig is up. It is time to pay the piper. O.K. fine, I promise to step out from behind the clichés. Even though it is nice and warm and safe there, I will do it for you!

I have already established, in my previous post, that part of my plan was to not blog about my kids so much. I will admit that I have had a relapse, but I am focusing my attention back on this objective. The whooping and hollering going on by my kids right now is deafening. Excuse me while I turn down the sound on my keyboard.

Next up, adding another objective to my plan: Get yourself out there! I can’t count how many friends have told me, “Barb, sign up for online dating. You will be surprised at who is out there!” After a very quiet Christmas (admittedly too quiet this year, which I will take as a positive sign) I opened my laptop and took a peek at online dating sites. Yikes. Look at all the faces, the catchy little bios, and the creative first date descriptions. Seriously fellas…how many of you really like long walks on the beach? I can only imagine how much time and care was invested to create just the perfect words to draw the moth to the flame, (oops, sorry), but I am tempted to run back behind the tree and continue hiding. I know, though, that my Plan Supervisor will never let me get away with that.

O.K. Here goes….5, 4, 3, 2, 1…ready or not…here I come! Maybe.

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