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I caught the holiday spirit

You might be wondering why this is a big deal.    You catch the holiday spirit about this time every year.    That hasn’ t been the case for me.

I have found over the last few years, that it is harder and harder to get into the spirit of the season.  I typically sequestered myself over the holidays and just waited for it to pass.  I could whine about the multiple reasons that this is, but it would be just that….whining.   I will spare you.

This year is different.  I decided early on that I would absorb myself into the spirit of the season.  This year, I will celebrate my family, my friends, my life.

Snowflake LaneSo far, so good.   I spent the weekend helping a good friend decorate her home for the holidays.  After we were finished, we decided to take in a movie.  To my delight we ran across the Snowflake Lane celebration at Bellevue Square.  I felt like I was ten years old again as I watched the drummers tap their drums, the holiday music embrace the night, and the colorful lights shining off the downtown buildings.  And then I watched in delight as it started to “snow”.

Next on my holiday agenda:  I am attending a company Christmas celebration this week,  I have been invited to attend a friends company celebration (ohh! A chance to get all girlie again!), I have plans to spend Christmas dinner with good friends, and now I can’t wait until my daughter returns home so that we can decorate my home.

I would also like to fit in:  A holiday afternoon of shopping in downtown Seattle, catch the beautiful Parade of Christmas Ships on Lake Washington, take in the play Late Nite Catechism.

Forgive me if this all sounds very superficial.   While I do also participate in charitable giving over the holidays, this year I wanted to include myself as someone I gave to.

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  1. Shivika says

    Yes, a very good piece indeed. The photo is not nelssearicy representative of today’s 70-year-old (I know because I’m over 70 myself), but her facial expres…

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