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I finally beat my addiction.

Confession: I have used a paper day planner for over 20 years. The year…1987. I was expecting my first child in two months. I had just left my current job to be a “stay at home mom”. Life was good and the future was shining brighter then I could have ever expected.

Even at the young age of 27 (I didn’t realize just how young I really was), I knew myself well enough to know that I would really miss the daily interaction that business brought to my life. I loved talking with people about goals, objectives, budgets, problems, and of course there was the daily drama of what to have for lunch. It was with this knowledge that I happily skipped into the world of starting my own business. It was the perfect solution for me. I got to be a full time mom, and also have the business connection that I knew was essential for my well being.

One of the first business gifts I gave myself was a daily calendar. After considerable research and contemplation (what? this was a serious decision!) I eventually decided on purchasing the DayTimer, and in later years switched to the Franklin Covey calendar. My personal choice was a week at a glance format. I found it critical to be able to view my entire week at once. It was comforting to see my week and be able to plan and pace both my professional life with my family life.

I quickly came to deeply depend on these pages. Everything in my life was written down. Each customer call. Every appointment. Every Doctors visit for my newborn. Every scheduled friends visit. Every scheduled dinner out at the neighbors house. The list of stops during an errand run. All of it. Looking back at my life, I know that these pages saved my life.

Flash forward to 2008. Eight years in my own business, four corporate jobs, two states and seven homes later…I still held tight to this beautiful life organizer. We are now living deeply in the digital and electronic age. Cell phones are the rule, not the exception. I have owned my fair share (or if truth be told…my unfair share…I do love my gadgets). There has been the Samsung, Nokia, Smart Phone, Palm Treo 650, Palm 700p, and my latest, the Palm 755p. I love these devices. With my Palm, I can access my personal email, my daughters business email (I’m her back-up plan), my work email, the internet, my photos, my cell phone list, and….oh yeah…I can make phone calls too!

I know what you are thinking. With all these marvels of digital gadgetry, why would you still be using a paper day planner? Trust me…I asked myself that question for many, many years. I just couldn’t give up my planner. It had served me well. The last 20+ years of my life were securely written and recorded in those pages. But I knew that the day would soon come when I would need to cut the umbilical cord and let go.

I finally took the big step in November of 2008. I had just upgraded my Palm to the 755p (cuz there were technical issues with my 700p) and in loading all my contacts and email information into the new phone I heard a little voice that said, “Barb, it is time. Please come to me!” With a deep inhaling breathe, I kept typing. I added every address, every phone number, every event on my calendar and then closed my day planner. You have no idea how hard that was and the anxiety I felt in doing this simple act.

The next day, I left the day planner in my car as I walked into my office. I was determined to get along without it. At the end of the day, I had survived. I was able to use my Palm for my daily flow, meetings, communications. I won’t lie to you, there were a couple moments of separation anxiety, but I made it through. I left the planner in my car for two months…just in case, you know. Finally, this week, I smiled a little inner smile, picked up the planner off the seat of my car and carried it into the house. It is now residing on my coffee table…just in case I need it, you know?

There is a lingering sadness for me though, but it isn’t what you might think. Look at the photo…my planner was RED! I love red! I miss my red companion! I realize now that I’m just going to have to find a red skin for my Palm. Not just any red, though. It has to be bright blue-red. Anyone know where I can find it?

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  1. Angel says

    I am soooo laughing, you have no idea. I still use a day planner,only mine is black. I think I would probably have been hospitalized if I left it on my car seat, how would I know when to go potty? I have to schedule that!! my daughter is trying to make me be more dependant on my cell phone, I have one but it is annoying, I mean you can’t write in it, my son brought me a PDA a few yeas back, its in my dresser in a storage shed in Florida…but to my credi, I did take itout of the box before Iput it back in the box…
    well I do Twitter, at least that is a start into the 21st century.
    congrats on breaking said addiction…you are in my prayers for continued recovery from seperation issues…

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