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I got nothin’

Well, hello friends! Where ya been? Oh, sorry. I’ve been the one that has been absent.
Please excuse my absence. I have been BUSY! Life has been crazy, chaotic, wild, frantic. It’s all good. I finally took the opportunity this evening to log into my favorite social networks, read up on some of my favorite friends blogs.
I was reading the latest from the fabulous Ms. Angel at Starting Over and saw that she gave me a beautiful shout out. It put a smile on my face to see that she was thinking of me. What a dear heart! Even though Angel and I have never met in person, she has been a good friend to me. She will send me a message to check up on me when I don’t blog for a few days. It’s nice to know that she cares enough to check in on me. This post is really a shout out to her to say…I’m good! I got nothing to say this evening (or are perhaps too tired to be profound!). I will be back with a REAL post soon.
And what’s this?? I turn my back for a few days and the lovely Daily Blonde is slinging the snarkiness around..still…again… What fun! What an arm. Just like Ichiro from the Seattle Mariners. I am having a good chuckle with ya, girlfriend. Keep those blogging fingers flying and the thoughts flowing!
Well, off to get some rest to be ready for a big Friday. I am going with my posse tomorrow night to groove to the tunes of Leroy Bell at The Triple Door. Stay tuned…there could be stories!

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  1. The Daily Blonde says

    You cannot leave me alone for long because I start posting stuff that gets me in a little scuffle. lol

    How are you??? I miss talking to you! Busy week here and it seems like I never catch up!!
    What’s new??

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