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I know what my Mom did!

I was reading a blog post this past week from The Daily Blonde about living in the 70’s. Been there. Done that. Her blog post got me thinking about two pair of pants that I owned in the 70’s that I LOVED. They were bell bottom elephant pants. Ah…was I ever the styling essence of 1970’s coolness!

One pair was light pink, and the other was light blue. I cannot tell you how fun it was to wear those pants. I am convinced that everyone was looking at me as I walked down the hallway at school. “What a cool chick,” they would be saying. The sad part is that shortly after I got these pants…they disappeared! Poof! Gone. This was extremely perplexing, and highly distressing, for a 14 year old girl.

Growing up in a large family, we had one large dirty laundry drawer, and an even larger ironing drawer. Trust me when I tell you they were large. They loomed even larger when it was time to do the ironing. What a chore. OOPS, sidetracked again…back to the story.

I went on a desperate search for these coveted elephant pants. Where could they be? The bottom of the dirty laundry drawer…NOPE…in the ironing drawer…NOPE…in the bottom of my closet (great place to put clean clothes)…NOPE…did I take them to an overnighter at a friends house and forget them…NOPE. After a couple weeks of continual searching, I finally gave them up for lost.

Now, the fact that I actually remember these pants says something. I don’t know what…but it says something. Perhaps it was the prelude to years of bad fashion sense, perhaps it was the fact that I would buy into all the ridiculous…I mean awesome…fashion trends of the time, perhaps it was just the hint of how much I would dislike house keeping….

Then one day…about two years ago (I’m always been a slow learner)…it dawned on me. My mother did it! She surely must have hated those pants and swiped them from the laundry drawer. I have visions now of her waiting until I had jumped on the school bus, and can clearly see her relief as she grabbed them out of the laundry drawer. I can imagine the smile on her face as she set the fire in the burn barrel.

Hey, Mom. As a mother of two…I now get it. I believe that it is time for you to confess. Mom???

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  1. carrielyns says

    oh my gosh… have you heard from your mom on this? I have so gotten rid of something of my daughter’s when she wasn’t around and then played the “I don’t know what you did with it Ella” card. She’s only 4. Soon enough that’s not going to work any more.

  2. Barb Jacobucci says

    If my story is any evidence…you will be able to get away with this for at least another 44 years 🙂 Or…hopefully Ella is a faster learner then I am, and you only have another 3. Mom, usually reads my blog on Sundays, so I am patiently waiting to hear what she has to say!

  3. The Daily Blonde says

    hahaha….omg…I did this to my then-husband’s ski jacket. It was red and I hated it. He looked like he was 12 wearing it. So, I hid it…then threw it in the trash on garbage day. He went nuts looking for it. I’m not sure he ever figured it out.

    Great post.

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