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If there is something that I love more then shoes…it is reading! I have owned the Sony Reader eBook for several years and really love it. It was a great companion when I traveled, very light weight, similar size to a paperback, no need to leave a book behind in a hotel room when you had finished, easy to grab a new book before traveling home.

But I am thinking about leaving my Sony and taking up with the Kindle. I am, however, having a difficult time in justifying the expense that comes along with this desire. True, my Sony has served me faithfully. True, that I have to download books first to my PC and then transfer to my reader. True, that the selection isn’t always as complete as I would like. True, that I can’t test a chapter to see if the authors writing is going to appeal to me.

My teenage son has pointed out to me that I don’t NEED another electronic book reader. Moving off subject…I’d like to know why he decides, at this particular moment, to indirectly declare that he has obviously been paying attention to my life lectures. These were words that I am sure he has heard spoken by me before, probably having something to do with upgrading his hard drive. And here I thought my words were going in one ear and out the other! O.K. back to my story.

For now, I will just drool over the new Kindle, with it’s wireless connection. I don’t NEED the ability to download books immediately, acquire newspapers or magazines, read blogs. Nope. Don’t NEED it. Hmm. I wonder if Santa thinks I have been a good girl this year.

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  1. Angel says

    I love this, because shoes is also my downfall! Do you think itis just a womens thing?

  2. Angel says

    Forgive my last comment, the whole thing didn’t post for some reason. I am soo into books Even the electronic ones. But I have the tendancy of anything I do I over do..perhaps I should learn to resist….Naw
    I loved your post it made me smile as you always do!

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