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I Need Your Advice!

I’m feeling rather introspective this evening. Another friend left me a voicemail last night that said, “I’m sorry to call so late, but would you please call me back? I need your advice.” When I called her back, we talked for an hour about an issue that was weighing heavy on her heart.

This isn’t uncommon for me. I tend to be the friend that is called to talk things through with. Don’t get me wrong. I am honored that people respect my opinion enough to ask for it. But, tonight I am reflecting on what draws people to seek me out in this way. What is it that makes my friends seek my advice? If they are comfortable enough to reach out for my words, what are the quality of my words? Am I really helpful? Am I ever harmful?

I will say a prayer tonight that I never do harm. I send out a hope that I always provide the hug in my voice, or the comfort of my arms when needed. Please give me the wisdom to recognize when it only takes my ears to listen and not my spoken words to provide the comfort that is seeked.

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  1. babybloomr says

    So beautifully said– and a very timely reminder for me, ESPECIALLY the part about shutting my big yapper and just listening. for a freakin’ change.
    Of course, that’s a paraphrase, I feel sure you expressed it a wee bit more elegantly.

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