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I Sleep Alone…Sorta!

No…really Mom, I sleep alone. I was passing 140 character notes with a friend of mine recently on Twitter. She was laughing at the latest adventure of the male species that she had encountered. Her comments included something along the lines of “this is why I sleep alone”. Yep, I thought to myself…me too!

Then I got to thinking…do I really sleep alone? I recall many, many nights of being awakened because my bed partner had to go to the bathroom. And then there are those times when I rise out of a deep slumber to realize that I had been pushed to the edge of the bed.
This is where I confess…I sleep with Tucker. Yes, he is a “man”, and yes, he seems to set the rules that I end up following. Why do I allow this? I have waxed philosophical before about how, as women, we cater to the men in our life. We are always concerned about their comfort, if they are doing okay, if they have what they need.
I guess I am no different when it comes to the 15 pound man in my life. As much as I profess that “I will be different”….I guess not so much. Some habits are hard to break!
Check this out: The Daily Blonde has a blog that doesn’t hold back as she shares with us her dating adventures. Check out Kissing Frogs. Cheryl has been gracious enough to let me share one my stories with you too! Come on over and laugh along with us as I tell my story, Nice Ride, Cowboy!

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  1. The Daily Blonde says

    Hey, that 15 lb pal of yours is a great companion. I tend to end up with a sick child or a 15 lb cat that acts like a dog in my bed. Otherwise, my laptop takes the space next to me when I pass out from obsessively tapping on the keys ’til the wee hours of the morning.

    Loved your dating post….gotta love those old cowboys.

  2. Angel says

    you know I saw this title and rushed over hear, stopping at no link in between…I sometimes share my bed with a 32 lp thee year old. What wrong with this picture for both of us?:)
    At least your companion is warm ad fuzzy mine kicks me out of bed in a heartbeat.

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