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If you repeat this…I will deny it!

I will only say this once. I am watching The Bachelor. It is not something that I am proud of, but it is a fact none the less! Typically I find myself tuning in to the series when it is down to the final episodes. For some reason, which is yet to be explained, I have started watching this year from the season opener. Could it be because the dashing bachelor is a resident of my city? Could it be because this bachelor was humiliated the last season by being allowed to propose to our beautiful bachelorette, only to be rejected? Could it be because I had recently heard that this same bachelorette broke up with the man of her choice (and the teasers tell us that she will be back this season)? So much for happily ever after!

So, tonight, I will curl up on my cozy sofa. The blinds will all be pulled closed, the sound will be turned down on the television, and I will tune in to watch our bachelor. Why do I do this?

Why do these girls do this? I usually find myself shaking my head as I watch these girls swoon, smile and strut their stuff in an effort to get one man’s attention. Do we really become so desperate for love that we will expose ourselves in the most public way possible? In listening to the banter from the ladies the common theme is that “I felt such a connection when we met. I am the perfect girl for him!” REALLY? All of you? You know this already? What happened to getting to know someone? What happened to discovering whether there was an intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and personal connection?

Have things really changed this much during my ten year emotional hiatus? This makes coming out of my cocoon a little more terrifying. Are we expected to now jump into situations for seemingly superficial reasons? Perhaps I am being naive and it has been this way since the beginning of time, and I just haven’t been paying attention. This journey that I am on will either be really scary or extremely exciting! Stay tuned!

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  1. Angel says

    I know! I understand that there hasn’t been a real relationship out of this show and most are broken up before the show airs, it baffles me, Not that I watch mind you and I won’t tell on you either…..

  2. The Daily Blonde says

    I am watching, too. Typically I watch the last few shows but this one had me interested. A child is involved. I spent 7 yrs single post divorce because of my children. I didn’t want to just jump into something and make it wrong for my kids…much less me. SO glad I waited for the right person. These women are either too young or just focused on being on TV. I watch and roll my eyes. TAking on a child is not glamorous. Can’t wait to see how this turns out….

    I’m right there with you with the blinds closed watching it… 🙂

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