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I will miss him

My son is now a young man, looking to find his way in this world.  He is seeking gainful employment, with his eyes on the prize.  The prize is moving out on his own.  I’m excited for him…anxious to see him grow…eager to see what path he takes in life.  With all that said….I will miss him when he leaves home.  I will miss how he:

  • goes to the grocery store for meLee
  • picks up my mail
  • makes me laugh every day
  • bonds with our puppy
  • talks geek with me
  • shares his love of music
  • is my in-house tech guy
  • cracks me up with his sense of humor
  • rolls his eyes at me when I’m being too much of a “Mom”
  • fixes the broken faucets
  • updates my computers
  • makes me laugh out loud
  • shares his passion for computers and hardware
  • he is willing to have great conversations with me on random topics

I could go on, but I won’t.  Sure, it is nice to have my own little handy man around, but I will miss his sense of humor and his conversations about his life passions the most.   I am always amazed when we get into the indepth conversations.  He has such a depth of understanding on social issues, political topics, and when he is excited about a topic…stand back.  The boy knows his stuff.  When I ask him how he knows so much about the subject, he just looks at me like “Duh…I research and look things up.”

Yep, I will miss him.   Shhh…don’t tell.

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  1. Lorna Harris says

    I can’t even begin to imagine either of my sons leaving (even if I do moan about them!) I love that they can make me laugh too, it’s my absolute favourite thing. Lovely list!

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