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It is Connie Jo’s 21st birthday!

So soon? Where did the time go? I remember so clearly when we brought home this amazing little baby……This is where I stop myself. Now, I can certainly do the predictable and slip into the typical, “what a wonderful experience to watch you learn to walk…blah…blah…blah”, and believe me when I say that I am tempted. However, I realize that nothing I say can really share the true emotions of a mother in talking about their children.

So instead of talking about my daughter, I will talk to her.

CJ, you have been a neverending source of joy to my life. I’m certain that you taught me more about life, then I was able to teach you. Any fear that I had of being prepared to ‘handle the teen years’ were unnecessary fears. You made it so easy on me! I’ll never forget the day when you were 16 and you asked me, “Do you remember that time when I was in junior high where I was kind of irritable and cranky? Well, that was when I went through my teen years rebellion. I’m over it though, so you don’t have to worry.” Your uncle told me that I didn’t live in the real world because you never took me through the teen years. I will be forever grateful to you for that and will willingly reside in my fantasy world!

I am so very proud of you. The way you are tackling college, working, running a business, AND a busy social life is inspiring! I will be sitting back with delight to watch what you do next!

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