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It’s not your mothers soda pop

Well, perhaps it is. I think back to my years growing up on the farm. From time to time my mother would indulge and bring soda pop into the house. Wow…the excitement that we actually had pop in the house. I couldn’t wait to taste it! Her beverage of choice…Fresca! What?? I had never heard of it.

I remember giving it a little sip, and how truly awful the taste was. Grapefruity, citrusy, yuk! I gave my Mom such a hard time for liking such a disgusting beverage.

Fast forward 30 years. I’m hanging out with a friend who offered me a beverage. What should be pulled out of the refrigerator…yep…you got it! Fresca! Not wanting to disrespect my friends generosity, I graciously took the can of pop and took a sip. I was all ready with the fake smile and false declaration of refreshment. But… much to my surprise…it was sooo good!

What is this? How can this be? I STILL don’t like grapefruit, but this was GOOD! How is this possible? This was definitely not a reaction that I had expected from my taste buds. I was so confused. Had my sense of taste been altered? Was my palate now more sophisticated? Probably not. I think the only logical explanation is that I have now become my Mother. It was bound to happen eventually. Here was the evidence of the evolution. Heavy sigh. If it must be, it must be.

This past week I decided that I would indulge and bring soda pop into the house. My beverage of choice…Fresca! You should see how my kids mock and make fun of me for liking this “disgusting” soft drink. I just smile knowingly. I know that it is only a matter of time. Someday…they will be me! The day will come when I pull a can of Fresca out of their refrigerator. Sweet!

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  1. Joel Warady says


    Great blog post. I LOVE Fresca, always have. And I definitely like the new flavors. I'll tell you something else exciting.

    Corner Bakery (I'm not sure if they are in your city) has Fresca in their fountain drink machine, and you can get as many free refills as you want. You can sit for 5 hours drinking Fresca!

    How can life be any better?


  2. Barb Jacobucci says

    Bummer, Joel. No Corner Bakery in my beautiful state of Washington. I guess I will have to come to Illinois!

  3. Angel says

    one word…YUK!! 🙂

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