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You either love them, or you hate them. I tend to stand in the camp of loving them. Since I am not the culinary goddess that most children deserve, I have always appreciated being able to enjoy a wonderful meal – fresh or leftover. Any meal that I didn’t have to cook is good with me! You could say that this is my “lazy mom” perspective.

Yesterday, I was asked to look at leftovers from an angle that I had never considered. “Take the leftovers, Barb. When you are enjoying these leftovers, just think back to the company and conversation that was shared.” You are probably thinking…Duh…! This for me, was a new thought, but this was my life observation. Since that is the title of this blog…I am entitled to experience my own Ah Ha moments, no matter how shallow, thank you very much!

So, dinner this evening will be leftover Lobster Ravioli, with a side of smiles.

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    Wheres my invitation? Sound super yummy!

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