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Meet Angel, from Starting Over!

Today, I have the distinct honor of introducing you to an amazing woman. Angel blogs over at Starting Over, and has become a dear friend. Angel brings us along on her journey as a mother, grandmother, business owner and a traveler in lifes new adventures. We get to cheer her on, laugh with her, share her ups and down, as she Starts Over. You will find courage, faith, determination and immense strength. Take it away, Angel!
I am so excited! I am guest posting! I can hardly type! OK, calming down. Whew! Barb did me a wonderful favor by putting my AVON button on her blog and her daughters. She asked me to post why I liked AVON and why I sold it.
I have started my own business, Dream Writers It’l, because I love to write. I do freelance writing, and other kinds of writing, which means I have to look like a writer. You’d be amazed at people who don’t think I can write because I am wearing my jeans with holes in them.
AVON, pretty much sells itself. I was looking at this time for a MLM (multi level marketing) company that would not cost me $500 dollars, but something I could use as well, and I knew you could make money. AVON is it. I could vouch for it becuase I use the products, and know most everything about them. Seriously, do you know anyone who hasn’t heard of Avon? They may not care for it, but they have heard of it, and it has something for everyone.
Because it doesn’t take much work, it’s easy to sell. We have major problems with bugs in Charleston because we live completely surrounded by water, whether it is the ocean, Ashley River or the marsh, you are never more then 20 minutes from water in Charleston. I put a little of the Skin So Soft in Tasha’s bath water to protect her from misquitoes, and yes, it works. It not only repels the little buggers, but it keeps bees and other things away from her as well. It works as a skin softener on a three year old who loves the sun, yet it is inexpensive.

So I hope that answers Barb’s question as to why I like AVON. If you are looking for a home business and do not want to work really hard, then this is it for you. It truly sells itself. And Thank you Barb, for placing my button (that you made) on your blog!
Thanks for stopping by, Angel. Make sure that you visit her blog Starting Over, and check out the great Avon products that she has available!

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