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“Mom, I need you to come pick me up.”

concertMany of you have experienced those phone calls from your kids.   They have gotten themselves into a situation, and you need to come and help them out.    I am very fortunate that my first call (I think! or perhaps I’ve blocked out past calls…?) occured this past week.

It was 12:36 a.m on a Thursday.  I’m in a deep sleep, still recovering from my vacation.   My son has been out with his friends at a concert.  Typically, when he heads home from a night out, he will send me a text message.   I am used to reading, “heading home now” from the light of my cell phone.  Tonight was different.   When the phone rang instead of the familiar beep of a text message, I knew that this wasn’t going to be good news.

“Mom, we got out of the concert, but the garage where we parked our car closes at midnight.  We can’t get our car out to drive home.  Can you come and get us?”

After the words “ohhh, Lee”, escaped my lips, my brain immediately started calculating my choices.  I have given him the speech many times that “If you have been drinking and need a ride home, you call ME!”   I knew that this wasn’t the situation.  They had been in the under 21 section of a concert hall.  Could I refuse to come and get him because it wasn’t the “I’ve been drinking” situation?  Should I make them find an alternate ride home?   Within a split second, I realized that this wasn’t an option.  I didn’t want more teenagers out on the street after midnight.

“Stay there, son.  I’m on my way.”

The good news is that the highway is deserted at this hour.  The drive downtown only took 15 minutes.   As I pulled up at the gas station where my son and his friends were waiting for me, I knew what my parental pay-back would be.

“Son, while we are here, you can put some gas in my car.”

“But, Mom, that’s expensive.”

As I pointed to my watch to remind him of the time of day, and the fact that he had gotten me out of bed…

“O.K. Mom, but do I have to fill it up completely?”

“$20 worth, will be fine!”

The clock read 1:35 a.m. as I crawled back into bed.  “Not bad.” I thought.  Phone call to back in bed in 59 minutes…. Of course, it took another hour for me to relax and fall back to sleep.   Did someone mention empty nest is coming soon??

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