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Motherhood is an Olympic sport

I love watching the Olympic games.  Summer Games.  olympic flagWinter Games.  It makes no difference.  I love to watch.    I am always in awe of these athletes who have committed so much of their life to a sport that they are passionate about.

We hear all the stories about the drama and the tales of how these athletes got to where they are today.  But don’t you think that being a mother could also be considered an olympic sport?   Why is that, you ask?  Just consider:

  • Nine months of progressively increased weight lifting
  • Complete absorption and education into a new focus area
  • Sleep deprivation endurance testing
  • Accelerated training for intuitive interpretation of a foreign language (babies cry)
  • Repetitive training techniques to enhance speed and reaction time (diaper changing)
  • Special equipment for enhanced visual skills (eyes in the back of your head)
  • Stretching endurance exercises (financial budget)
  • Crash course medical training
  • Training to become instantly alert at the sound of a telephone at 2:00 a.m.
  • Ability to remain awake and alert during overnight teen festivities

I don’t know…Just Sayin.

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