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My Oldest Pair of Shoes are Usually My Favorites!

I enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night with dear friends. I have known them for over 20 years. We met when we were next door neighbors. Their children were pre-teens and my children were babies and toddlers.

Sitting across the table from each other last night brought back many great memories. There was the time when the power went out for two days. We cooked all of our meals on their barbeque; all the kids snuggled in our waterbed to stay warm; we darted between houses by flashlight. There were the years when their kids came over to my house every morning to wait for the school bus. They gave us the great honor of becoming our sons god parents. For many years my children were babysat by theirs. (I often joke that they had as much to do with raising my children as I did!) When we moved to Colorado, they came to visit within months. When we moved back to Washington State, their home was our first stop.

Now all of their kids are grown and married, my kids are off to college or preparing to graduate from high school. Over steak and vegetables we shook our heads in awe that the time has gone so fast. Through it all, they remain the dearest friends to me. Even though we hadn’t seen each other for seven months (gasp!) we picked up right where we left off. Laughter, good food and endearing friendship. No greater gift! I love this pair of shoes.

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