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My son is politically aware!

We are living in a fascinating time, and fascinating events are spinning all around us. Financial Crisis! Storm Disasters! Election Year! Drama! Drama! Drama!

I find myself turning on the news channels every evening to catch up on the latest conversations around world events. But something else has surprised me more then all these current events. I find it equally as fascinating to watch my son as he watches the news.

My son is 17 years old. Being a typical 17 year old, he is absorbed in his gaming, his music, his social life, and most recently his senior year in high school. It is with surprise…and admittedly pleasure…that I now find myself having intellectual conversations with my son about the upcoming Presidential Election. I find myself amazed at his knowledge of the issues and how they affect his personal world.

I had experienced a great deal of anxiety after being informed that my son does not wish to pursue a higher education. He has other dreams for his life. It is during these fleeting moments, as we are sharing conversations about the world around us, when I truly realize that my son will be taking his own path in life. He has a good mind, a solid foundation, and he will be just fine!

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