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Never too old!

“What are you up to these days?”

“Spending time going to events around town related to our local Social Media Club. Keepin busy and meeting lots of new people.”

“Be careful. Lots of wierdos out there.”

“Always am. Thanks.”

I am sure that you are thinking that this is a conversation that would take place between a father and daughter, or perhaps between a daughter and her Mom. I would imagine that I have said these words at some point to my own kids. This is actually, however, the script from a recent online Facebook chat that I had with my big brother.

I really got a big chuckle out of this. Here I am on the fast train to 50 years old, and my big brother is still looking out for me. I must admit that this warmed my heart just a little bit.

My brothers, sister and I spent a great deal of time together when we were growing up. Being from a large family, and living on the farm, it was necessary for us to spend lots of our free and social time together. There was only one car for all of us to share, so at least twice a day, you would find us in our own little carpool going from home to school, to swimming practice, to youth group, to the movies, to the ball games…the car was always full.

I loved this. There was always this unspoken sense of security and safety for me, knowing that my brothers were always there to protect and look out for me. It appears that not much has changed. I love that you are still looking out for me, Steve. Thank you!

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