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One week away from seeing my baby girl!

Isn’t this just the loveliest face? Yes, it is true, this is my baby girl…all grown up…so she tells me. She is now 21 years old, is a junior in college, works part time on campus, runs an online business (here’s your plug CJ…, and…oh yeah…has a boyfriend (aka social life).

Next weekend is Parents Weekend on campus. Here is the plan:

leave the office early
pick up the puppy
pick up The Boy (her brother)
throw the bags in the car
fillup gas tank
begin the five hour trek over the mountains.

My trip checklist includes:

CD’s (Me: The Eagles, The Boy: Tool)
Mountain Dew
Snickers bars
Fully charged cell phone

One…Two…Three… ROADTRIP!!! (This is another story. Ask me later and I’ll explain.)

This will be the third Parents Weekend that I have attended. I must admit that the agenda has changed dramatically over the years. Year One had me registered months ahead of time, choosing the parents classes to attend, attending the college play, joining the mass of parents in the Dean’s speech, touring campus, blah, blah, blah. Year Two had me doing the same registration, however, I only attended half of the designated parental events.

This year, Year Three…a completely different game plan. Register? Not so much! When I called my daughter about the weekend, the conversation quickly led to her saying “Just come on over, Mom. You don’t need to register for any of the events, let’s just hang.” to my ears. Let’s just hang. Of course, this translates in daughter speak to REALLY mean, “Hey, Mom. Let’s go to Nordstrom and go shopping!” All she really had to say was “I need a new pair of Shoes!” I’d be all over that one!

I can’t wait!

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    you should have used a different picture…

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