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Online Dating Sucks!

Disclaimer: This is an email that I sent a good friend. It was too funny not to share with you.

A special note to my Life Coach: “I’m trying!”

A special note to my Mom: “Please ignore the foul language. Pretend you are reading a juicy novel instead of a personal email that your daughter wrote.”

I have been emailing with a guy from He sent me his photo, and while he was decent looking, he had really bushy eyebrows. Not a deal breaker, but definitely Strike One.

After exchanging pleasant emails for a couple weeks, I sent him my phone number, on a Thursday. He called….on Sunday evening at 9:30. Hmmm. Strike Two…kind of late, but I stupidly took the call. The conversation was not only boring, but I didn’t like his voice (I have a thing for men’s voices). I found an excuse to get off the phone.

He emailed me the next Wednesday and said that he would like to meet for coffee or a glass of wine. Feeling like I was being too judgmental, I sent him an email and said that I would be available on Sat morning for coffee, if he was. Here is his response….

“Hi Barb,

Actually I was thinking more after next Thursday, as Saturday I have my walkthrough, Monday I move and Thursday I have my midterm. I know all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Hope you understand, but also know it may not feel like you are on the top of my list, but I do have to set some priorities… So maybe Feb 28th a Saturday and I’ll come to Kent”

STRIKE THREE!!! YOU ARE OUT! This really ticked me off. Don’t ask to meet me and then explain how you can’t meet for a while cuz “I have to set some priorities”…..Yes, you are busy. Yes, you are moving (he currently lives 1/2 mi from me), yes, you are in school. Don’t ask me out, don’t email me, don’t think you have time to date….. My brother told me that I was an idiot for not stopping after Strike Two. (I’m supposed to trust my instincts!) He thought the guy was an asshole for asking to meet me and then showing his true colors. Here is my response to him:

“I am going to respectfully decline your offer to meet. I will not begin a relationship knowing that I will not be a priority. I wish you luck in your search.”


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  1. The Daily Blonde says

    So glad you posted this. Do I REALLY HAVE TO GET BACK INTO DATING??? ugh. I don’t miss that stuff but is that what I’m going to go thru again?? Somehow, more knee surgery sounds better.

  2. Annette Fix says

    Yikes! I’m glad I met my husband in a strip club. I don’t think I would’ve lasted long trying to date on the internet! LOL

    Good luck, sistah! =) Keep up the fun posts!

  3. Connie Jo says

    Go mom!

  4. Angel says

    You got farther then I have! I have yet to spoken to anyone I even want to meet in person.
    Go Bar.

  5. Tranquil Places says

    I’m so glad you decided against meeting this guy. Online dating is a long and arduous process. I did it myself for several years and had great dates, met some great men, but ultimately met my husband through work. I sort of thought of the process as my “man experiment”.

  6. Barb Jacobucci says

    Hi Tranquil Places – what a great way to look at it. Instead of a process to endure….I will now look at this as my man experiment! Love it!

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