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Ooops. It was only a matter of time.

One of the common questions that I encounter professionally is “As a user of social networks, how do you keep your personal and your professional life separate?” Social networks have been around for a while. There is Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Ning, blogging, etc, etc.

These networks have proven to be very valuable in connecting with friends and colleagues. There comes to be a point where you have to wonder how to keep your personal identity separate from your professional identity. Is it possible? Do you want or need to? The debate goes on.

For me the question is deeper…how not to confuse a co-worker with your own child. I know…that sounds a little strange. Let me explain: I recently began working with a wonderful woman whose last name is the same as my daughters last name, and whose first name is so similar it is almost identical. Whenever I get an email from either of them, I have to take a moment and ‘really’ read the name to know whose email I am opening.

This process only takes a split second and usually doesn’t cause me any concern. Until today…I was looking at my cell phone to read a text from my son and noticed that I had recently sent a text to my co-worker. Hmmm. Why had I sent her a text earlier this week, I wondered. I don’t remember doing that. Here is the text message:

“Tip: charge your phone earpiece so that u can drive hands free!”

After another moment of confusion on why I would have sent this to her, I realized my mistake. Oops.. This was really another one of my “mommy moments”. I had just hung up the phone after talking with my daughter about her trip home. I wanted to remind her to charge her bluetooth, something that she always forgets to do prior to a road trip. No problem. A text message to the rescue.

Needless to say, my daughter never got the chance to experience that particular loving and caring mommy moment. This does beg the question as to why my co-worker never questioned why I would send her such a seemingly ridiculous text message. Perhaps she just chalked it up to another one of my random acts of ridiculouness. Either way, I don’t look good, do I?

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