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Recharging the batteries!

Finally…a weekend that I have taken the opportunity to kick back, get some much needed rest, and recharge my batteries.

After several weeks of constant work and activity, I have taken this weekend to rest. Saturday found me at the spa for a deep tissue massage and then off to the hairdresser to refresh the hairdo. What a luxury to spend some time being pampered. My massage therapist really had to work hard on some very, very tight muscles. “You know”, she says, “if you come in regularly I can continue to build upon the muscle relaxation results we achieve. If you wait a couple months between massages, then I basically have to start over every time.” Hmm. Is that true, or is that a sales pitch? I have to admit that she was working pretty hard to untie some knots. It reminded me of when my son would get his shoe laces in a knot and I had to employ some engineering techniques and personal commitment to untie them.

Then off to the hairdresser. My hairdresser also happens to be my best friends daughter. After watching this amazing girl grow up, I love to watch her in her element. She is so immensely talented, it is exciting to sit in her beauty chair and watch her spin her magic. You know that I am not just playing nice with my BFF’s daughter, cuz us girls take that beauty chair very seriously. We won’t continue to see a hairdresser unless we feel fabulous about the results. I can’t wait to watch her career skyrocket. I fully expect that she will be a hairdresser to the stars some day. Hmm…I wonder if she will still do my hair then? I’d love to be able to say that I have the same hairdresser as Jennifer Aniston!

After a delightful, pampering Saturday, Sunday brings with it rest. I slept in, and then curled up on the cough and watched the 1954 movie “Three Coins in the Fountain”. This is a movie about three single girls working in Italy. Of course, they all find the love of their life by the end of the movie. How could you not love ending up with a handsome Italian in the matter of two hours. If only real life were that easy!

Now, the ultimate decision. How will I spent the rest of my day?

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  1. Angel says

    It sounds like your wekend was perfect and much deserved!
    What to dowith the rest of the day? Got a Book? Got cable? watch a nother love story, or start a good book. Call a friend….
    Don’t call your kids, have a nice afternoon.

  2. Michelle says

    You can’t give a raving review like that and not give her contact info! I need a haircut something fierce and I’m a bit afraid to do it in a country where we don’t speak the same language!!

  3. The Daily Blonde says

    Perfect day!!! Hooray for deep tissue massages! Love them!

    Glad you got some recharge time!

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