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Red Shoes!

use red to attract men and their fiery yang essence. Like moths to a flame, males (propelled by their yang energy) are drawn to bright, shiny objects. Red shoes can have this effect even if unseen (if tucked under a bar stool for example). Common sense would imply that bringing them into open view (for example, by crossing your legs) could only increase their impact. Thus, if you find yourself wearing red shoes (after coming out of the trance-like state that often attends the choosing of the shoe), you are highly likely, almost certain, to have a good day (or night!). Lao Shu, Feng Shoe

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  1. Angel says

    ok, I do have a pair of red shoes, somewhere tucked in a box. I will try that and see of what you surmise is correct..I need some excitment inmy life!

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